Melanoma Skin Cancer at 22

I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve never been on a sunbed, I rarely ever sunbathe, and I’ve only been abroad twice in my life (one of those times being a day trip to Hamburg in the pouring rain). I’m the type of person who prefers being curled up in a chair with coffee and … Continue reading Melanoma Skin Cancer at 22

Shadow and Bone Trilogy (Review)

I started reading this trilogy about a week ago after years and years of seeing people hype it up. I'm always wary when I see things being hyped up to this degree, as I don't like the crushing disappointment of opening a book that everyone appears to adore and DNFing after fifty pages. But here's the question I'm sure you're asking right now (or not, I'm not a mind reader) - was Shadow and Bone like that for me?